About this site

Glenn here – this is a placeholder for a series of reviews I have been thinking about called “Glenn’s Point of View.” I will provide “my viewpoint” on well… whatever is of interest to me at the moment! I like exercising, I certainly dig tech and the digital lifestyle, while trying to stay healthy, which can be a challenge these days given how much us techies tend to sit.

There’s only a little bit here at this time, but don’t be terribly shocked if you see other things appear here in the future like other reviews on various types of headphones (Bluetooth, noise-cancelling, budget, true wireless headphones), maybe battery packs, etc. I am a guy, but this stuff is not just limited to us.

Anyway, I find noise canceling headphones to be really cool, and I’ve always thought so since my boss introduced me to Bose’s noise canceling headphones 20 years ago when we took a flight from NC to NY for a business trip. If you’re new to this technology, I hope you can find a good recommendation here without having to spend an insane amount of time researching everything!

Thanks for stopping by!